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10 Ways to Pack a Your Kids a Better Lunch

by: Elizabeth|August 28th, 2015

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For some of us school is already in session and others will start quite soon. Are you already dreading packing lunches for the next 9 months?

Here are some creative ways to keep lunches fun, healthy, and delicious this school year.

1. Freeze your water bottle. This keeps lunches nice and cool and you’ll have an icy-cold drink!

2. Write a cute message on a banana for your little one. They’ll love it.

3. Use a rubber band to keep a sliced apple from browning. Once your apple is cut put it back together and hold in place with a rubber band.

4. Make a non soggy PP&J. Put peanut butter on both sides of the bread and jelly in the middle. Why haven’t we been doing this all along?!

5. Repurpose leftover taco meat for lunchtime nachos! Add some beans, shredded cheese, and tortilla chips Voila!

6.  Cracker Stacks. Not a big sandwich eater? Get out cookie cutters and use them to create shapes from slices of cheese or lunch meats. The  kids can place them however they’d like on the cracker.

7. Lunch Kabobs fill skewers with foods your child loves such as ham cubes, cheese cubes and pineapple cubes or anything else you can think of!

8.  Pasta salad start with pasta, add in veggies, cubed meat like salami, then add your child’s favorite dressing.

9. For older kids who aren’t into lunch boxes, double-bag brown paper lunch bags for added insulation and strength.

10. Lots of dinners make great lunches. Purchase a thermos or two to keep on hand and thrown in dinner from the night before. They are also great for soups and stews.

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