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5 Spring Break Safety Tips for Young Adults

by: Elizabeth|March 20th, 2015

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Every year about 1.5 million young people head out for a week of fun during their spring break. This peak travel season opens up opportunities for sexual assault, alcohol poison, injuries, and more for college-aged men and women. Yikes that’s a scary reality! 

Before you head out on your trip make sure safety is your number one priority. 

1. The buddy system don’t wander off alone ever! Hold your buddy accountable and look out for each other.

 2. Hydrate and wear sunscreen most spring break locations are warm and sunny which makes this important to follow. You are never too old or too cool for sunscreen. There is nothing worse then spending the rest of your vacation pink and in pain from too much sun.

3. Practice safe drinking. Only accept drinks that you have watched being poured or have poured yourself. Take turn with your friends, even if you don’t need to have a driver it is nice to have a “sober buddy” to look out for the group and make sure everyone gets home safely. And most importantly know your limits. 

4. Be aware of your personal items. Try not to bring anything of lots of value on your trip. Robberies happen all the time to spring breakers. Keep your things in eye site. No leaving purses on chairs or setting down keys or wallets in clear site while on the beach. Make sure to lock your hotel doors. Don’t make yourself an easy target for thieves. 

5. Trust your instincts If it doesn’t feel right listen to your gut and don’t do it.

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