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How the Rain Made Me Cry


How the Rain Made Me Cry

We have been living in Chicago for exactly 2 weeks now. It is WAY different than our life in the burbs….a culture shock.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have left all that was familiar to us, our friends, family and the only home that we have ever known. We packed up and headed West, be it only 30 minutes west of where we were living, but still..another state and the BIG city. The kids have adjusted well and so have I. Until the rain.

We have been walking everywhere.

Grocery Shopping

School Shopping

Post Office

Dry Cleaners

Dinner Out


I have managed to maneuver 3 kids and a stroller with 5 grocery bags, while crossing the street . I managed to tell my oldest daughter that everything was  ok after the homeless man stopped us dead in our tracks and SWORE that my 2 girls were Sasha and Malia Obama and that my son was somehow President Obama's grandchild…and oh yes, that I was their Nanny. She said she was NEVER going outside in Chicago again, and I reassured her that one day she would laugh about it. I comforted my girls on the first day of school, letting them know that it was ok to be nervous and that by the end of the week they would each have a new friend. They worry about all of the sirens we hear at night, and we say that someone is having a baby and in am ambulance and pray that no one is actually hurt. We wonder why we see so many dead birds on our walks and hope its not pollution…I tell them its ok, we say a little prayer for the birds and move on.  We go to the local parks and make friends and spend time on the weekend exploring, so that I can make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. I do all that I can to make sure that my children are ok. Their rooms are unpacked so it can feel like home and I make sure to ask them how their day was at school everyday so that I can be "in the  know" on whats going on with them (my oldest was bullied last year). I as their mother, do all that I can for them.

So yesterday it rained. I was walking to pick them up from school with my little guy who is feeling under the weather. Sprinkles, I can handle it. Got the girls, my oldest says she didn't feel good at this point but we still had to walk about 15 min for an appointment and it poured…and poured and I cried. It wasn't the fact that we were in the rain with 3 kids, a stroller, backpacks and no umbrella that got me(or the huge blister on my heel from walking in my cute shoes in the rain) was a culmination of events….like the last 2 weeks all came to me in an instant, just like the rain. 

I feel better, lighter and happier. 

Next time when it rains, I think I'll put on my rain boots and play outside.

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