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Ritz-Carlton Chicago Kids Program Review


Ritz-Carlton Chicago Kids Program Review


When the Ritz-Carlton Chicago states they are kidfriendly they mean they are kidfriendly. Having stayed at other Ritz-Carlton properties we were sure the service was going to be top-notch so we were raising the bar for this facility. And, we have heard many a times from many companies and organizations how kidfriendly they are, so for us seeing is believing.

First and foremost in fairness the Ritz Carlton Chicago is not a cheap date. Because of this we had already removed points. If the average family can’t afford it we feel it is not kidfriendly. However after our stay the service far exceeded the cost.

The mom at kidgrade arrived on her own with three kids, ages 8, 5 and 1 and luggage for everyone. The bellhops and doormen were extremely helpful. The car was valeted, the luggage were all taken out of the car as promised while she went to check in. Of course we got there early and the room was not ready so they went to the American Girl store (see our American Girl review).  By the time they arrived back from taking the dolls to get their hair styled at the salon at the American Girl store the room was ready.

The children got to pick a gift from the toy wagon, the candy wagon came up to the room, they also had chocolate puzzle and snacks brought up to the room. The room was supplied with children’s toiletries, which included tear free shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, toothbrushes (3) and kid’s toothpaste. The kids each had their own bath robes. There was a crib set up in the room with a baby package of appropriate sized diapers, baby powder, baby bath lotion, etc. You are probably wondering how they knew this, simple they asked for the children’s names and ages on the reservation page of the website.  

The two older children had the opportunity to make cookies with the chef in the kitchen of the restaurant. It was like being on the Food Network, they got a lesson on making cookies, they rolled their own dough, cut their shapes they chose and the cookies were baked.  They even had their own chef hats. And, guess what was brought up to the room later with icing and sprinkles to decorate? YES, the cookies!




We had dinner that night and breakfast the following morning at the restaurant (Deca). Once again service was impeccable, the kids had crayons and a menu they could color and take with them. The kids menu featured a variety of drink and food choices for the kids to choose from. At breakfast the little one decided to have a breakdown the young lady who was the maître d appeared with a finger puppet (appropriately a monkey – because he was climbing around like one). That kept him occupied long enough for the adults to finish breakfast.

The hotel also offers free DVD rentals (2 at a time); better than having to order a pay-per-view.

Despite deducting points for price, the Ritz Carlton Chicago made up for it in more ways than one. They are definitely on our shortlist of places/things we would like to offer in 2011 as giveaway prizes to our members and reviewers.

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