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Summer Camp Woes


Summer Camp Woes

This year our Kidgrade daughter #1 is gone to summer camp for 2 weeks. Sleep Away Camp. I scoured the internet for the CAMP that would best suit her, one that didn't have bugs or include sports of any kind. (yes I know, NOT POSSIBLE)

 A little background info on my daughter:

1.She doesn't like bugs and screams and runs away when she sees an ant

2. She is a VERY picky eater and self proclaimed vegetarian but does not LIKE fruits or vegetables

3. She does not like to be wet,cold or dirty

4. She is very loyal to her friends but doesn't feel comfortable making new ones

5. She hates sports and would rather spend her time acting, dancing , singing or creating artwork

So you see , I was a little more than worried when dropping my daughter off in another state for 2 weeks smack in the middle of everything that she was uncomfortable with.

 A camp counselor called me last night as a weekly check-in.  She mentioned how my daughter had made tons of new friends, enjoyed participating in the evening talent shows, loved playing with the baby animals and had adjusted quickly to camp and being away from home. Her one concern is that my daughters breakfast had consisted daily of a nutrigrain  bar and asked if there was anything else they could offer her at breakfast . I gave her a couple of suggestions but basically told her to encourage my daughter to try something new from the breakfast bar.

Much to my amazement my daughter has conquered her fear of bugs, is eating OK, has been wet , cold and dirty and survived, has made tons of new friends and has even participated in Sport activities and enjoyed it. Summer Camp is EXACTLY what she needed to get her out of her comfort zone.

That is our daughter in the pic at camp…ARCHERY...I can't believe it!

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