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Neighborhood: Lincoln Park,
1205 West Webster
Chicago, IL, 60614

Hadley came into being in 2007, founded by Dean and Maribeth Marshall. It was inspired by our two great passions: modern design and the birth of our daughter in 2004.
In the beginning modern design for the nursery and baby gear was hard to come by. In just a few short years there has been an explosion of modern design stylized baby product (some good and some not so good) introduced to the market as todays parents have realized and demanded superior functionality in all aspects of their lives.
We quickly realized the choices were overwhelming and recalled the severe anxiety of walking into a “big box” babystore and the selling techniques of endless “baby expert” ratings and “must have lists” produced by chain stores.  At Hadley we believe the process should not be that difficult. We have simplified and edited the choices so you can enjoy this special moment in life. We focus on the product that you truly need and use.
We don’t attempt to be all things to all people. When we talk about what we are doing we put design at the top.  Design related not just to an aesthetic position, but improvement of an object in every way in all its performance values. In the world of baby goods, certainly safety is a top requirement followed by functionality, style, unapologetic luxury, value and of course it doesn’t hurt to be just plain cool. We would like to think when James Bond fathers a baby, he would feel at home shopping here.
Long before it became vogue or a selling point, all of our well established crib manufacturers were among the first to bring light to the issue of using safe non-toxic, non-VOC emitting materials in their manufacturing process, as well as
sustainable harvested wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Again, we see this as just another responsible aspect of good design.
We have put in a considerable amount of time and research selecting product from around the world and are highly opinionated about much of the product we carry. All with the sole intent of making it easier for our clients who are not bound by stereotypes that tie them down to tradition and enjoy a simplified way of thinking.
We look forward to helping you and introducing you to product that brings joy to your lives for many years.
Please feel free to contact us, we value your insight. The store is named after our daughter Hadley, who has since gained a younger brother. Derek is not yet fully aware there is no store named after him…. yet.

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    Tue-Fri: 11:00am - 7:00pm
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user rated: 4

Price 3
Location 5
Parking 2
Kid Equipped 7


If you are looking for modern and hip furnishings for your baby, this is your store. I’ve purchased toys and a stroller for my son at Hadley and always appreciated the owner’s knowledge of their inventory. The prices are on the high end but the quality makes it worth it. Definitely a great store to visit if you want to find unique items. There is limited street parking.

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