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Daddy’s Girl -“Book One in the Adventures of Peanut” Review

by: Dr Ish|September 9th, 2015


Book Review: Daddy’s Girl -“Book One in the Adventures of Peanut”

Written by: Martha Rucker

Illustrated by: Rosemarie Gillen

This is a great children’s book where the main character is not only female but African American. From a father of three African American children, two of which are girls, it was truly refreshing to read this book. Just like most fathers who have daughters and we tend to give our girls nicknames, Peanut is the pet name her father gave her. Peanut is a four year old girl who lives in what may be termed an unconventional family, consisting partly of today’s normal and partly an old-world family structure. She lives with her parents, two older brothers (the oldest is her half-brother from her father’s previous marriage), her aunt and her grandma (old world tradition).

The family lives in the country and Peanut introduces the reader to this country setting and the different farm animals. We see the world through the excited eyes of a four year old, her interactions with her father, other members of her immediate family and her extended family.

The illustrations utilizes vivid colors and drawing like those before we used computer generated graphics.

Overall Daddy’s Girl introduces us to a refreshingly positive family relationship, the bonds between different generations and how a little girl’s world is influenced by all the things around her.

A definite must read for a father and daughter, any child of color, but any child for that matter because of Peanut’s positive outlook on life and family.

We look forward to reading about Peanut’s future adventures. We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed it.

Physician, managed care executive, educator and serial entrepreneur trying to change the world. More importantly father of three beautiful children.

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