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Easy Ways to Save

by: Elizabeth|January 26th, 2015


If you are anything like me you are constantly on the look out for little ways to save a buck each month! Here is Kidgrade’s top 10 tips to save in 2015.

1. Practice the Thirty Day Rule

Whenever you would like to make an unnecessary purchase wait thirty days before you buy. Often times the urge to buy will pass. You can save money by simply waiting. 

2. Make a List Before you Shop and Stick to it

No matter how tempting don’t put anything in the cart that isn’t on your list. You can save a lot like that! 

3. Drink More Water

When you do go out an easy way to save money on the bill is stick to water. Soda and alcoholic drinks can be quite pricey so sticking with water is not only the healthier option but the cheaper on as well.

4. Buy the Generic or Store Brands

Not only do they taste almost identical purchasing the store brand will cut down on your bill! 

5. Shop Online

Not only will you save on gas money but you can find some great deals. Hit a few different websites to compare prices and find your best deal.


The internet is full of directions, tutorials, and videos on how you can fix it or make it yourself! Believe it or not I fixed a leaky faucet buy typing the make and model into youtube.

7. Pick a Bank That Gives Back

Some banks will charge you to open an account or will have lots of hidden fees. Make sure you know what your in for when you open an account! 

8. Set Goals on Saving

If you have clear goals on how much you’d like to save and when you’d like to have it by you are more likely to meet it then if you didn’t have a goal! Make sure you goals are realistic and don’t be upset if you don’t make them.

9. Use ATM’s Sparingly

It is easier to take cash out for the month then stop at an ATM when you go out and get hit with ATM charges. 

10. Find Free Fitness Classes

Staying healthy can be quite pricey. Gym memberships and fitness classes can really empty your wallet. Be on the lookout for free classes or promotional weeks! 

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