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Ever get the question from your child, “can I have a phone?” Well LG and Verizon have a perfect phone for the 4 year old and up. The phone is actually a wearable watch like gadget. It has a single button on the face. The child is able to call two preloaded numbers – usually mom and dad. The child can receive calls from 4 numbers, so 2 extra numbers outside the primary 2 numbers. It comes in two colors blue and pink, but there are “skins” that can added to change the look.


The phone has a smartphone app, where you can see your child’s location, set up or switch contacts, adjust the volume and check battery charge. The app is protected by a 4-digit PIN to prevent unauthorized access. You can also remotely turn it off and on. The app is compatible with smartphones using Android 4.0 operating systems or higher and iOS 7 or higher.

Here are our pros and cons:
• Ease of setup
• Ease of use for the child
• App is easy to use
• Plays some fun sounds
• GPS enabled, important for when kids are picked up and dropped off
• Durable plastic and waterproof
• Parental control

• Bulky feel – could be more streamlined and smaller for smaller wrists
• Limited colors – children today are used to multiple choices everyday
• Older children (8 and above) are unimpressed
• Limited use – phone only

Great device for parental peace of mind, phone can be set up to auto-answer after a certain number of rings. Look out for our twitter feed and facebook page for a pink GizmoPal giveaway.

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