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How to eat Healthy in Walt Disney World

by: Elizabeth|November 16th, 2015


Before we left for our trip I heard countless times how people love Disney World but think that it is difficult to eat healthy while staying on grounds and in the parks. I found it actually quite simple to make good food choices on our trip and here’s why!

When in Disney you will of course want to save money with a meal plan. My husband and I had the quick service plan which consisted of two quick service meals and one snack.

Now with your meal plan you do have some very unhealthy options. You could eat chicken fingers, ice cream, pizza, and cotton candy all trip if you wanted but if you look a little harder you’ll see some better options.

The resort dinning halls will have fruit, veggies and dip, and pretzels and hummus that you can get for a dessert at any meal or as your snack. We really enjoyed the hummus and loved it as an afternoon snack by the pool.

As far as meals go we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside Resort and our dining hall would make you an omelet for breakfast with any veggies you could want. I was a huge fan of these and ate one almost every morning. For dinner many of the restaurants offered different types of salads. The best one I ate all trip was the Quinoa salad from Be Our Guest Restaurant. If salads aren’t your thing they have a lot of veggie sandwiches to try.

Our resort also offered create your own pasta’s for dinner. Maybe this wasn’t the healthiest thing to choose but it did beat out the pizza’s. First you chose your noodle type, then sauce, your veggies, and had the option of chicken or shrimp. It was delicious!

The last easy way to keep your calories down is watch your soda intake. If you stay on grounds you receive refillable cups to use at the resort and with your meal plan and you receive a drink at each meal. With our meals my husband and I would grab bottles of water and take them with us to the parks. For your refillable cups instead of pop Disney offers all types of iced teas, lemonades, juices, and of course water.

When in Disney some of the best treats will be calling your name like Mickey ice cream sandwiches or a DoleWhip just remember even on vacation everything in moderation. There are healthy options if you want them!


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