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Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake

by: Elizabeth|November 20th, 2015


This simple cake is a family favorite for holidays and birthdays! We like to change up our ice cream flavors to match the occasion; for example use peppermint ice cream to make a festive Christmas cake or Birthday Cake ice cream for your loved ones special day.


1 package of regular Oreo Cookies

1 can of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

1 box of any flavor you’d like of ice cream (this time we used cookie dough)

1 80z container of cool whip


-In a 13x9in pan crush you Oreo Cookies into tiny pieces. I find it easiest to use the bottom of a glass cup to crush them. Keep crushing until you don’t see the cream anymore.

-Remove half of the cookie crumbs and place them in a bowl off to the side. This will be your topping. Line the other half along the bottom of the pan. Press down so they stick together and become your crust.


-Open your box of ice cream, lay it horizontally, and make 1in vertical slices across. Then take your ice cream rectangles and lay in pan. Your hands will be freezing but press the ice cream down so it is all one layer and takes up the entire pan.


-Use the entire can of chocolate syrup and cover your layer of  ice cream.


-Scoop out cool whip and spread it on top of the chocolate syrup. Be careful to not blend the chocolate and cool whip. That’s the tricky part but you want the top to stay white. This is always the most difficult part for me. No worries if it dosen’t look as pretty as you would like it will still taste delicious!



-Take the rest of your Oreo Cookie pieces and sprinkle on top.

-Freeze over night


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