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Shopping Tips for Better Spending

by: Elizabeth|November 18th, 2014


Sales can be the enemy, if the sight of those words elevates your heart rate or you get a little dizzy just

thinking about shopping this could be dangerous ground for you. If you lack the ability to control your

urges during a sale have a shopping partner that will help you stick to your plan then

Only bring cash, if you can only use cash during your trip you are less likely to buy unneeded extras

mindlessly. So leave the plastic at home and only take a set dollar amount with to shop. Spending only

cash means you won’t have a credit card payment waiting for you and are only shopping within your



Bring the list, focus on purchasing only the item on your list and not items based on impulse and

strategic marketing and placement. Having the list also helps manage your budget and avoid

overspending. It will also prevent the need for double trips for items you otherwise might have

forgotten on your first trip.


Don’t shop with emotion, shopping while angry, bored, hungry or tired is worse that shopping with

friends. Emotional shopping blinds you and you are more than likely going to pick up items you don’t

need or even want.


Timing is everything, set a timeframe to do your shopping and stick to it. The less time you spend

wandering around a store or mall the more likely you are to be tempted to buy items you don’t need

and are not on your list.


Can’t stand the heat avoid the salesperson, salespeople are nice for a reason they want to sell you

something and it is not always something you need or even want. Don’t be swayed by salespeople

influence utilize them as a source of information not a deciding factor.


Let’s get logical – logical, think through why you are making the purchases. What purpose would the

purchase serve and do you really need this time. Often times we make purchases without having a

proper idea of what we need and end up with more clutter than we started out with originally.


To buy or not buy, you have to decide whether you need to buy the item or would you be better

borrowing or renting. High ticket items with only a single use should be rented for the time it is needed

rather than actually purchasing it. Don’t make a purchase simple because you have an immediate need

for it.

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