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Top 5 Homemade Halloween Costumes

by: Elizabeth|October 23rd, 2015


We trolled the internet for our favorite and easy homemade Halloween Costumes for your little monsters!

5. Raining Cats and Dogs Costume
All you need is:
a child-size clear umbrella, black sticky felt (like Presto felt), black poster board, fabric pencil, gray thread, a needle

Drips are for kids! This clever idea is sure to be a hit in your neighborhood. Pair the decorated umbrella with the raincoat and rain boots your child already owns and he or she will be set to have a blast in any weather.

found here:


4. Book Fairy

We found this great pic on tumbler. It dose not look too difficult to make.

3. Where’s Waldo 

for those of you that like to crochet follow the link below to an easy 3 step tutorial on an adorable Waldo costume.



2. Yoda

who dosen’t love Star Wars?! Check for all you need to know to make this costume for your child.


1. IPhone

This easy cardboard costume can make anyone have the sleekest outfit in the room.

learn more at




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